Sony Playstation E3 2018 Experience Presented by Cineplex

This is my third time going to the E3 experience presented by Cineplex. For those that don't know, E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. An annual event held in Los Angeles, with streaming available worldwide. It is the forefront of the innovations being introduced to the video game industry in the coming year. 

Being a casual gamer, I don't have a huge preference of console (unlike some people) but I did grow up playing my brother's PlayStation so seeing what's up and coming is quite exciting. 

So far this years E3 has been massively underwhelming with many companies showing trailers and development for games that were announced last year, or new additions to already established franchises. Fans of established franchises will be excited by new additions to Devil May Cry, or The Division. 

I, myself am more of a fan of independent games so I am super excited by the new IPs coming to PlayStation this year.

There were so many exciting titles coming from Sony. I am so excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out in January and with that a new special edition PS4 that looks beautiful. Also a few brand new IPs; Death Stranding (which looks bizarre but interesting), Trover Saves The Universe (a goofy adventure from the mind of Justin Roiland [Rick & Morty]), Control (which looks like Inception on crack), Ghost of Tsushima (Insomniac’s love letter to old samurai movies), Jupiter and Mars (this looks like a new interpretation of Sega’s Echo the Dolphin). 

Along with continuations of their established franchises, most notably Last of Us part 2 (which looks really amazing even from someone who didn’t play the first one) and a revamp of Resident Evil 2 (super exciting) and Nioh 2 (very cool ninja game). 

To close the showcase Sony decided to devote half an hour to Marvel Spiderman; at this point I was bored but I get that a lot of people are super excited about it. After the showcase they showed clips of their upcoming VR titles; Beat Saber, Moss, Vacation Simulator, Tetris Effect, Persistence and Ghost Giant.

All around a solid show, there wasn't too much lag or dead space between previews and they gave us a good taste of what is to come. Looking forward to all the new games coming in the next year.

Stay awesome ya nerds.


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