Life Planning

So far every plan that I have tried to come up with has failed miserably, so far life has not been what I've wanted.
Story time....
When I was in high school they stress that you must come up with a plan for your life, but having older siblings I was comforted by the knowledge that you have the ability to choose a different path if the first plan doesn't work out. Unfortunately, however, I have gone through plans A, B & C without much of desired outcome.
I am a planner, I always have been. Having an anxiety disorder just exacerbates my symptoms. I desire structure and schedules. I love daily planning, though as on the moment I have nothing to put in my planner. I have a gorgeous leather personal planner by dayOne but I have barely used it yet. One of my favourite ways to relax is watching Plan with Me videos on youtube, I hope to one day get an Erin Condren customized planner *sigh*.
Having plans makes my life easier. If I list what I need to do for the week, I don't need to stress over what I've forgotten to do. Planning meals ahead of time and  writing grocery lists saves me time when going shopping. I have a love/hate relationship with grocery shopping, I love the actual grocery shopping, but I hate other shoppers :/ Humans annoy me.
Having a plan makes my life make sense, especially when life in general sends me into a anxious stress spiral. Ha.
Have a great day ya weirdoes.


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