#FreeKesha OR How The Music Industry is a Giant Disapointment

Today there is a dark shadow over fans of pop music.

News of the result of Kesha's lawsuit against the notorious Dr. Luke broke this morning.

Judge Shirley Kornreich ruled against the pop star citing that Sony will allow he to record without Dr. Luke's presence, and has also dismissed any further lawsuits against the producer from those representing the singer. I don't believe this particular judge realizes the magnitude of this decision.

By going against a major label, like Sony, Kesha put herself at risk. She is a victim in this situation and because she is going against a Goliath there was very little chance she would be triumphant.
That is to say; the battle is over but the war has not been won.

I write from a place of love and admiration, Kesha had the bravery to go up against her abuser that many in her position do not have. The contract in question should have been thrown out long ago as it basically forced an underage girl into servitude under a multi-million dollar company. The judge in question used the fact that the contract was 'heavily negotiated' as an excuse for her ruling, which is utter bullshit. It wouldn't surprise me if this judge was paid off by Sony to throw out the lawsuit. That would explain her absolutely detestable attitude toward an abuse victim. There should be an investigation of some sort, or something. Apparently there was not enough evidence supporting Kesha's claim of sexual abuse to further the lawsuit.

Why would a girl that is incapable of working at the moment waste her time with false allegations? Why would her family stick be her if her claims were false? Why would she fake sexual abuse and rape? Why would she write letters to her fans as a cry for help? This is why abuse victim rarely come forward. I am absolutely disgusted.

My hope for Miss Kesha Sebert is to be free of this monster, for Sony to fired this piece of shit and realize that Kesha is their magic not a dime-a-dozen producer, for Kesha and her family to feel the love and support from her legions of fans and for this Judge Shirley Kornreich to have her license taken away.


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