#PrayforOrlando - The Pulse Orlando Tragedy

I have tried so many times since yesterday to write something cohesive. I couldn't just write a Facebook status and call it a day. If that helps you get your feelings out that's fine, but I had a hard time trying to keep my words to a limited number.

My heart breaks for everyone that ways immediately affected by the recent tragedy in Orlando. I am truly humbled by the support from the rest of the world for those affected. It's sad that it takes a massive tragedy and dozens of senseless deaths to unify the world for a short period of time.

 I feel physically ill and outraged about this and I need to funnel my rage into something constructive, so I did research. Who doesn't love research??
There is a huge influx of mis-information concerning exactly what happened and it took me a day to decipher all the false 'facts' presented by news reports and articles.

Omar Mateen was an American citizen living in Florida, he was a non-practicing Muslim and had no ties to any mosque. He also had no ties to ISIS. He was a homophobe. He killed 49 people and injured 53 on Sunday morning the 12th of June 2016. He was not a religious extremist, he was not part of any terrorist group, he was a sad little man with a sad life who decided that the people he deemed 'disgusting' needed to die. He was killed at the scene. If you need to label him, the most accurate thing to call him is Murderer.

This whole situation disgusts me.
June is Pride Month, a time for celebration, to be proud, to be your truest self, to be authentic. Every year dozens of LGBT* identified people gather at pride parades, festivals and other events to show the world that they are not scared to be who they are. As someone who identifies as a pan-sexual female, this is where I feel the most comfortable. I spent my adolescence being bullied for who I was, I was teased mercilessly in high school for liking both girls and boys and was called horrible things more often than my own name. I came to terms with who I am, I will not change for anyone. If you are going to any Pride events this year, please be careful and safe.

Those of in the LGBT* community have spent years being persecuted for just being who we are. We are forced 'out of the closet', we are bullied, beat up and murdered just for existing. I thought that this being the 21st century, the human race was learning acceptance. I was wrong.

The act of one homophobic loose cannon has rocked the core of the community and many are terrified just to walk outside being themselves. I hope the world's law-makers, especially those in the United States, takes this opportunity to change things and make the world better in light of this horrible tragedy. 

If you can donate blood do it, donate your time, money anything that could help.

Have a beautiful day my gorgeous ones,
Kat D


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