Road to Miss Peg City Pinup 2019!

Hello Friends!

   So sorry for the extended hiatus, I've kind of had a bought of writer's block. But I am so excited to announce that I made it through to the second round of the Peg City Pinup competition and I am so very excited. Next step is the pageant part during the Winnipeg Tattoo Show on February 23rd. Right now I working hard on putting together all my outfits, acquiring accessories & sewing like a mad woman XD

I am so excited to be able to have this experience. I've dreamed on being part of a beauty pageant since I was a child & have been into pinup for the past fourteen years. I have spent almost a decade and a half devoted to collecting vintage or repro clothes, teaching myself vintage hair & makeup and learning as much as I can about vintage & pinup. Over the past few years I haven't been actively dressing up as much as I used too, but this has definitely revived my passion for pinup.

Due to the fact that everything around pageants are expensive; accommodations, travel, as well as acquiring outfit pieces and accessories, I've set a new goal on my ko-fi in order to supplement some of the expenses, so feel free to donate if you are able.


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